Christopher, Miyuki and Sammy

We were born on or about April 28, 2017. Orphaned Sammy joined us on May 22 from Saving Sage Animal Rescue

Liked to spin in circles when she was little. Not a big fan of being held, but loves to cuddle when sleepy. Big talker! Tries to bury food. Nicknames: Yuke, Muke.

Likes to be held - very relaxed in arms. Sweet, but ringleader in finding trouble. Determined. Tilts head in a very cute fashion. very gentle nips. Nicknames: Chrissy, Chris.

Somewhat of a loner, but will play with others and likes to cuddle and sleep with mates. MUST HAVE KISSES! Very sweet, but persistent. Nickname: Sammy

UPDATE! All three have been adopted!