Maxwell, Niles and Frannie

Born on or about October 1, 2017. They are from Saving Sage Animal Rescue.

The triplets were dropped off at Broward County Animal Care and Control. Kathy from Saving Sage Animal Rescue learned they were to be euthanized and brought them to the shelter. They had been deemed too feral for adoption, and indeed when I met them, they were hissing and spitting like tigers!

I brought them home and placed their open carrier in the playpen, gave them food and water and a litter box and left them alone. The next morning, I saw that they had used the litter box. This told me that they were no wild kittens and had been cared for by their mama. I flea combed them and they were perfectly clean. No way they were living outside.

Very quickly, I earned their trust and found them to be simply adorable and sweet!

UPDATE! As of this writing, Frannie and Niles have been adopted!