Born on or about April 15, 2023 and rescued by Angel at Saving Sage Animal Rescue.

Angel was contacted by someone who had found this kitten in a vehicle engine! She offered exchanging my current twins (Liam and Caitlyn) with the tiny 2 week old.

Since I cannot precisely determine the sex, I have yet to name it. The kitten weighed 8.7 ounces when I received it.

Kali is a GIRL! And aptly named; she seems to have 8 arms when it comes to feeding time. I think she will be ready for lapping up milk real soon. She does not play much, preferring to lay on her back, purr, and get attention from me.

UPDATE - Kali has gone back to Saving Sage to await spaying and adoption.

UPDATE - Kali has been adopted!.