BamBam & Pixel

BamBam was born on or about June 7, 2017. 12 week old Pixel joined us on July 24 from Saving Sage Animal Rescue.

BamBam and Pixel are NOT from the same litter. In fact, they are about 7 weeks apart! BamBam had behavioral issues which I believed stemmed from being a single kitten. I begged Kathy at Saving Sage for a playmate for him and she provided Pixel.

Bam Bam loves attention and is always ready to play. He still likes to suckle though, and uses his teeth! He is not satisfied with the food placed before him - he MUST check out what is in Pixel's bowl. See video! When he first came to us, he was always biting, but with the addition of Pixel and loving patience from the Mama™, he bites less often.

Pixel is missing half his tail. I was told he was born that way. He doesn't seem to miss it though and he wags what he's got with pride!

Pixie is very sweet, but will definitely let you know when he is hungry or bored. He does not wake me up though…. He is playful and gentle with hands, but a force of nature against his toys. He carries around a rabbit fur proudly, as if HE killed it! He is a very good boy, and BamBam and I are grateful he came to help us.