Turtle, Liu Tze & Mian Ju

Born on or about August 12, 2017. They are from Broward County Animal Care and Control and are sponsored by LumenLS. Turtle is a medium hair brown tabby male and is a robust kitten. Liu Tze (Lucy) is a sweet girl who loves her belly rubbed. Mian Ju (Mee AHN Joo) was the smallest but now is eating his way to rival Turtle! Unfortunately, I received them all with upper respiratory infections and (ugh!) ringworm. But this is relatively normal for rescues, as they live in the wild. Medications are slowly getting them back to health!

Liu Tze uses the litter box, eats both dry and wet food and drinks water. She is a little shy, but warms up when left to come to you. She squeaks more than meows and will always let you know when she wants something. She always tries to escape her confinement, and is a good jumper. she plays well with siblings.

Mian Ju is a very sweet boy. He had the worst of the ringworm, with a very crusty tail. He likes to play and loves to swat at you (gently). He is a comedian and good natured. He does like to suckle on the belly of his sister when he is sleepy. Mian Ju does not seem to eat very much, but he weighs the most! Mian Ju does not like the litter box, but will eliminate near it.

I named Turtle because when he was very young he would splay his paws like a turtle and he had a short pointy tail. He is a lovable fluff ball and likes to chew hair. He feels a little left out of the play of the twins, but good-naturedly joins in when he can - usually by dive-bombing the pair. He loves to be petted and purrs constantly. Turtle was very slow to wean, and still is not a big or fast eater. He uses the litter box.