Born on or about September 8, 2017. He is from Saving Sage Animal Rescue.

Jagger was left at Saving Sage's West Broward Animal Hospital, enclosed in a zippered bag. Since he was an unknown animal, he needed to be quarantined and was alone in a cage all by himself in the storeroom. Since I did not have any neonatals at the time, I took him home.

Jagger was my toughest kitten. If you could catch him, he would sit with you and purr. However, he would run away if you tried to approach him. Rob and I tried for a good month, but he never did trust enough. We suspect he had been mistreated. Even though I thought I had secured the room, he always managed to get under my waterbed! Every time, I would find his new entry, plug it up, then he would find another one! None of my other kittens were so persistent.

Jagger was a sweet boy, but untrusting. I visited him at Saving Sage after I released him and still he shied away. We pray a patient family will take him home!

UPDATE! Jagger has been adopted!