Hickory and Dandelion

Born in late February. They from Saving Sage Animal Rescue.
Kathy from Saving Sage Rescue had an energency - 6 bottle feeder kittens who needed a home immediately. I prayed to help Kathy, then, immediately got a call from her! Be careful what you pray for!!!! I agreed to take the kittens for a few days, since I had relatives coming in to do a major remodel. There were 4 kittens from which to choose, so I picked the two who were sleeping together. I changed their names to Kory and Lion (close enough). Milestones: Picked up on March 11. Kory started eating from a bowl on 3/21. Released to a kind lady, Cecille, who after taking them to the shelter got Lion to eat from a bowl! Very Sweet babies, although my favorite was Lion, since he was the runt!