Liam & Caitlyn

Born on or about March 17, 2023. They were rescued by iHeart Animal Rescue as a group of four that were dropped off at a Pompano Beach Fire Station. I was contacted late Sunday night, April 2nd, and of course, I took them all in! I made it clear I could only keep two for fostering and the next day, a rep from Good Karma Pet Rescue came and took the black and the gray tabby. I chose those two to go since they seemed to prefer sleeping together.

I then contacted my associates at Saving Sage Animal Rescue and they agreed to take on the remaining two.

Since they were born around St. Patrick's Day, I chose Irish names for them. Liam was a good eater and was therefore a bit larger than Caitlyn. She is catching up though.

Liam is very lovey and sweet and Caitlyn is more active and vocal. They are both adorable and can be adopted separately or as a pair.

Liam and Caitlyn went with Angel from Saving Sage Animal Rescue in order for me to take care of a new kitten.

UPDATE - Liam and Caitlyn were adopted separately June 2023 going to different adopters!