Panda & Kodiak

Born on or about January 2, 2018. They are from Cat Crusade.

The twins were part of a 4 kitten litter which was dumped along with another, slightly older, 4 kitten litter! My experience told me that 2 is the magic number for kitten health and mine(!), so I took in the two smallest kittens on January 12. They were very hungry and eating 3 times their limit at each feeding before I cut them back to a normal feeding. They gained weight immediately (they were about 7 oz) and progressed beautifully.

Panda and Kodi were sweet loving boys and behaved very well, except that Kodi refused to use the litter box! Hope his new family will patiently encourage him. Panda liked to nuzzle in my neck and play with my hair. I called him Mr. Panda of Ft. Lauderdale because he was always "combing" my hair with his claws (very gently, of course). Kodi was fun loving and fearless. He was always looking for trouble and often found it!

I released them to Cat Crusade on February 15 for neutering and placement in a pet store for adoption.