Phoebe, Wyatt and Piper

The triplets were found on a lawn by the landscaper. He notified the owmer who immediately moved them to a box. Since she works at a hospital, she was able to get supplies but was unable to care for them. Saving Sage Animal Rescue agreed to take them in.

I agreed to take them. They were very small: 5.71 and 7.0 oz.

Smallest, brown/black fur kind of fuzzy, still likes to suckle on skin, playful, sweet, eats very well.
Some brave interaction with my adult cat but mostly gets swatted away. Plays well with siblings. We first thought she was male!

Middle kit identifiable by soft silky deep black fur. I believe may become a lap cat. She loves to lay quietly with me. Very active and a scamp. I am always looking for her at bedtime.
She is a good eater.

The male tabby. Loved his bottle and was last to give it up. Not a very good wet food eater but does eat some dry food and water. He is very playful and is the most experienced with an adult cat. My tabby Rocky seemed to take a fancy to Wyatt, maybe because he is a male too or they are both tabbies. Rocky grooms Wyatt, but will also rough him up a bit. He is a little skittish, but not too much. He startles easily but is calmed quickly with petting.

Kittens are used to enclosed bedtime. Have free range of my bedroom and their playpen most of the day. They play and eat wet food outside of playpen, but have dry food and water, semi enclosed padded box, toys and litter box in playpen.
For the most part, they use the litter box or near it.

All three are very sweet and playful. They almost always find a place to sleep together. I have not seen any problem personality issues with them. All very adoptable. I do not see any specific attachments and they get along very well.