Born in late 2016. I have given him the birthday of September 30th. He is from Saving Sage Animal Rescue.

I am unclear as to what Rocky's story is, but I know he was in the shelter from the day I started going there. I did not pay much attention to him, I mean, no more than any of the other kitties. I became too unwell to take care of baby cats, but still needed a furry baby to love. Kathy, Gina and Theresa at Saving Sage hand-picked Rocky for me. He was supposed to be a temporary comfort, but I cannot imagine life without him now, and would NEVER send him back to a cage. I received an official rx for a therapy cat, and now he HAS to stay with me! Alas, my poor husband; I am now looking for a Chocolate Point Himalayan neo-natal to nurture and keep forever as well.

Rocky was described to me as a laid-back, couch potato, lap kitty. Nothing could be further from the truth! Although he does take the normal naps and sleeps most of the night on the couch, he WANTS to be very active and begs for high energy play with his "Da Bird" toy. He likes any of the stick toys with tails, however, they get stuck in his claws and he won't let go. Da Bird is great, because you can easily disengage it from him for more play. This "laid back" cat jumps 3 feet in the air while chasing his toy. However, he is not interested in catnip, balls, or any of the usual toys. He does like pipe cleaners, and you should see him RACE around the room chasing the laser light! Finally, I made a HUGE mistake by introducing him to iPad cat APPS, and now we wrestle with the iPad over who gets to use it! When it is my turn, he lays next to me and purposefully flicks his tail over the screen, occasionally getting up and pawing the screen, causing some interesting texts to go out accidentally. Don't try this at home without an OTTER BOX iPad protector.

I am a TV junkie and Rocky watches too. I have to be careful, because he thinks it is a giant iPad and tries to touch the screen. I checked, screen protectors for TV are over $150!!! I absolutely cannot watch "My Cat From Hell" with Rocky - you can imagine what happens when Jackson gets out the toys!

Rocky follows me everywhere, but he is NOT a lap kitty. He puts up with being picked up, but would REALLY rather not. He will sit next to me, or usually, at my feet. We love to "help each other look" out my floor length windows. I lay down on my belly and we look together for the lizards, squirrels, cats, dogs, people, possums, butterflies and birds which are abundant just outside. He head butts me and we give each other kisses while we look. My husband SWEARS he doesn't mind...LOL!

Rocky is a GREAT Uncle to the new kittens and is very sweet with them.