Penny & Bernie

Penelope and Bernadette were born on New Year's Day, 2024 and dumped at South Broward Animal Hospital at only 3 days old. They were rescued and transferred to Saving Sage Animal Rescue.

They weighed only about 3-4 ounces when I got them on their 3rd day! At the end of their first week with me, they have doubled their weight.

Bernie developed what we think is a prolapsed rectum on day 4 and we have been treating with sugar, coconut oil, and ointment from vet. She appears to be getting better and poops little pellets alot. She is very sweet and eats like a racehorse!

Penny is a little more developed and has been scampering quickly even before her eyes were open. She loves her belly rubbed and being petted. She is not as good an eater as Bernie, but is catching up.